Building Geant

This file documents the use of the x86 Open64 Compiler Suite.

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Geant Info

GEANT4 is a toolkit for both full and fast Monte Carlo simulation of detectors in High Energy Physics. It is also designed to take into account the requirements of space and cosmic ray applications, nuclear, heavy ion and radiation computations, and medical applications. The toolkit is made available through CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). GEANT4 has a dependency on CLHEP and is compliant to AIDA interfaces.

Download: GEANT (version 4.9.1).

Download: CLHEP (version

Download: AIDA (version 3.2.1).

Building Geant

In brief, the following steps are sufficient to build Geant and its dependent applications from the command line:

 >gzip –d geant4.9.1.p01.tar.gz
 >tar –xvf geant4.9.1.p01.tar
 >cd geant4.9.1.p01

Copy the file ./config/sys/Linux-g++.sys to ./config/sys/Linux-openCC.sys.

Part 1, CLHEP: see building CLHEP version(

Part 2, GEANT4: Now build the GEANT4 code.

Now proceed as follows on the command line after adding your x86 Open64 compiler to your user env:

 >./Configure –build
Now monitoring the command line prompts, look for the query for the g4 system compiler, you will see this question:
“To modify the default setting, select number form above (e.g. 2)”. 
Select 2 for the Compiler and change the setting to openCC. 
You will be prompted to confirm, you need only enter. 
Also you will be prompted for the location of your chlep install, which you will need to provide. 
Continue answering installation queries until you come to the installation query. 
It is sufficient to provide the build location, but you may also provide another location. 
When you have completed all queries, the build will start.

Known Limitations

There are no known limitations.