Views toolbar

Debug toolbar

Images and Buffers toolbar

Current Work Item toolbar

Views Toolbar

The Views toolbar allows quick access to gDEBugger views and main controls.

gDEBugger Explorer

gDEBugger Explorer Show the gDEBugger Explorer tree view.

OpenCL Multi-Watch View 1, 2, 3

OpenCL Multiwatch view Show the OpenCL Multi-Watch views.

Memory View

Memory view Show the Memory view.

Statistics View

Statistics view Show the Statistics view.

Function Calls History View

gDEBugger Function Calls History view Show the Function Calls History view.

Watch View

Show the Watch view.

Locals View

Show the Locals view.

OpenGL State Variables View

Show the OpenGL State Variables view.

Debugged Process Events View

Show the Debugged Process Events view.

Call Stack View

Show the Call Stack view.

Breakpoints View

Show the Breakpoints view.

Properties View

Properties view Show the Properties view.

Debug Toolbar

The Debug toolbar contains application execution controls.


Start debugging the application or resume the debugged application run.

Frame Step

Go to the next frame terminator call.

Draw Step

Go to the next OpenGL draw function call.

Step / Step Over

Go to the next API function call. During kernel debugging, step over the current source code line.

Step In

Step into kernel debugging if the current function enqueues a kernel for execution. During kernel debugging, step into the current source code line.

Step Out

During kernel debugging, step out of the current function.


Suspend the debugged application run at the next API function call.


Terminated the debugged application.

Images and Buffers Toolbar

The Images and Buffers toolbar provides control over the gDEBugger object views.

Select / Pan

Change the mouse click operation from selecting pixels to panning the image view.

Rotation controls

Rotate the image and data views clockwise or counterclockwise.

Zoom controls

Control the zoom level of the image view.

Channel selection controls

For multi-channeled images and textures, select which of the RGBA channels to show in the image and data views.


Invert the image view’s displayed colors.


Desaturate the image view’s displayed image.

Current Work Item Toolbar

The Current Work Item toolbar is shown during kernel debugging. When N-Dimensional kernel debugging is occuring (clEnqueueNDRangeKernel), use this toolbar to select the current work item.

  • When looking at variables (watch view, locals view, hovering over the variable name), the value for this work item will be shown
  • When stepping through code, code lines where this work item is not valid will be skipped

X, Y, Z comboboxes

These comboboxes will be filled with valid values for the work item coordinates (based on the global work offset and size). If the work dimension is too low, the combobox will be disabled (e.g. Z in a 2-dimensional work).