Welcome to gDEBugger – a professional OpenCL Kernel Debugger and OpenCL and OpenGL Debugger!

gDEBugger traces application activity on top of the OpenCL and OpenGL APIs to provide the information needed for finding bugs, optimizing application performance and reducing memory consumption.

With gDEBugger, you can peer inside your OpenCL and OpenGL API usage to see the effect individual commands have on application behavior.

gDEBugger is an advanced OpenGL Kernel Debugger and OpenCL and OpenGL Debugger. It lets you trace your application activity on top of the OpenCL and OpenGL APIs and see what is happening in real time. Step straight into kernel debugging and start debugging OpenCL kernels across all work items and work groups.

gDEBugger also provides the ability to debug OpenCL kernels online, stepping into kernel source code from the enqueueing API function. You can debug your OpenCL kernels as they’re being run, inspect variable values across different work item and work groups, inspect the kernel call stack, and more.

There are multiple ways to use the analytic capabilities of gDEBugger – from locating bugs through removing redundant calls and errors to performing regression tests.

gDEBugger requires just a single machine with a single AMD GPU to provide kernel debugging, and allows API debugging and kernel debugging in the same debug session.

Whether your goal is to shorten debugging time, improve application quality or optimize application performance, gDEBugger displays the information you‘re looking for.

Getting Started with gDEBugger