If you are considering bundling ACML along with your products, you must accept our redistribution agreement. This page describes the process for obtaining an ACML redistribution agreement.

There are no royalties due to AMD or AMD’s licensors for redistribution of ACML.

To start the process, please review the agreement for ACML. Please pay special attention to the definitions and items listed in Schedule B. These specify which portions of the libraries you can redistribute, and which portions you can not redistribute. The new redistribution agreement no longer requires a signature page, but be sure you download the agreement.

When ready, click on the “Download Now!” button, which will initiate a download of the agreement PDF file. You will be presented with the agreement in a new tab. Redistributing the libraries indicates your acceptance of the terms of the aforementioned Redistribution Agreement; if, however, you do not accept the terms of the Redistribution Agreement, please delete all associated files.

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