AMD Zen Software Studio

AMD Optimizing C/C++ and Fortran Compilers (“AOCC”) — The AOCC compiler system is a high performance, production software generation tool optimized for AMD processors based on the AMD “Zen” core architecture.

AMD μProf — AMD μProf is a suite of powerful tools that help developers optimize software for performance and power, optimized for AMD processors based on the AMD “Zen” core architecture.

AMD Optimizing CPU Libraries (“AOCL”) — AOCL is a set of numerical libraries optimized for AMD processors based on the AMD “Zen” core architecture.

AMD Zen Deep Neural Network (“ZenDNN”) – ZenDNN library, which includes APIs for basic neural network building blocks optimized for AMD CPU architecture, targets deep learning application and framework developers with the goal of improving deep learning inference performance on AMD CPUs.

Spack support— AMD supports the Spack open source package management framework for installing complex scientific software.

Other SDKs and Tools

Tools for DMTF DASH — DASH (Desktop and mobile Architecture for System Hardware) is a client management standard released by the DMTF (Distributed Management Task Force). DASH is a web services based standard for secure out-of-band and remote management of desktops and mobile systems. Client systems that support out-of-band management help IT administrators perform tasks independent of the power state of the machine or the state of the operating system.

AMD Ryzen™ Master Monitoring SDK — The AMD RyzenTM Master Monitoring SDK is a public distribution that allows software developers to add processor and memory functions to their own utility in conjunction with AMD AM4 RyzenTM processor products. This SDK is the gold standard for reliable and relevant AMD RyzenTM processor metrics.

2nd gen EPYC I/O Power Management Utility — Utility for systems based on 2nd generation EPYC processors to disable I/O power management.

EPYCTM system management software (E-SMS)— EPYCTM system management software (E-SMS) stack comprises of kernel modules, user space libraries and tools to manage power, performance aspects of the EPYCTM line of server CPUs from AMD.

SimNow™ Simulator — SimNow™ Simulator is an AMD64 technology-compatible x86 platform simulator for AMD’s family of processors. It is designed to provide an accurate model of a computer system from the program, OS, and programmer’s point of view. SimNow requires AMD Athlon™ 64 or Opteron™.

GPUOpen — Central location for game development and content creation software tools and technologies, with a focus on solving developer problems.

AMD Technologies

AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) — AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization is a technology that allows cryptographic isolation of virtual machines and the hypervisor