Tools & SDKs

AMD Optimizing C/C++ Compiler — The  AOCC compiler system is a high performance, production quality code generation tool. The  AOCC environment provides the developer the essential choices when building and optimizing C, C++, and Fortran applications targeting 32-bit and 64-bit Linux® platforms.

AMD μProf —AMD μProf is a suite of powerful tools that help developers optimize software for performance or power. AMD μProf ’s CPU profiler helps to identify and analyze performance hotspots within an application, library, driver or kernel module. It’s Power profiler provides valuable information on energy characteristics of the application or process, library, kernel module running on CPU, APU or discrete-GPU.

AMD Open64 SDK — A set of tools, libraries, documentation and headers that developers can use to create high performing applications that run on Linux® operating systems.

x86 Open64 Compiler System — A high performance, production quality code generation tool designed for high performance parallel computing workloads.


AMD CPU Libraries — AMD CPU Libraries is a set of numerical libraries tuned specifically for AMD EPYCTM processor family. They have simple interfaces to take advantage of latest hardware innovations. The tuned implementations of industry standard math libraries enable fast development of scientific and high performance computing projects.


AMD Technologies

AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) — AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization is a technology that allows cryptographic isolation of virtual machines and the hypervisor