AMD COVID-19 HPC Fund-Oregon State University

Learn how Oregon State University’s Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing used ROCm to create knowledge graphs and machine learning applications to identify drug repurposing

AMD COVID-19 HPC Fund-Stanford University

Learn how researchers at Stanford University used ROCm to collect and analyze millions of data points related to the COVID-19 pandemic and created a model of differential equations that predicted “hotspots” based on age, venue, household sizes, and other contributing factors.

AMD COVID-19 HPC Fund-University of Vermont

Learn how researchers at the University of Vermont utilized ROCm to identify active compounds to fight against COVID-19 in the early days of the pandemic and to model potential spike proteins that could inhibit the virus.

AMD COVID-19 HPC Fund-Washington University

Learn how researchers at Washington University used ROCm to simulate maps of protein dynamics and further a global distributed computing project, allowing for a better understanding of the COVID-19 virus structure.