What do other developers have to say about RenderMonkey™? Check out some of these testimonials.

“RENDERMONKEY became an invaluable tool for fast real-time shader development during “Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness”. It allowed us to setup shaders in an isolated controllable environment with instant feed back on changes”. — Duncan Hopkins, Lead PC Programmer, Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness’

RENDERMONKEY has proven to be an awesome day-to-day shader tool. It allows us to prototype the latest and greatest in shader technology rapidly and efficiently. With its easy to use UI, and fantastic real time visual feedback system, it’s helped us cut our shader development time significantly.

Marcin WieczorekGas Powered Games

“While prototyping, RENDERMONKEY allowed us to quickly put up new shaders and test out various rendering techniques. The ability to instantly see the results in the preview window dramatically accelerated development time spent on new effects and allowed us to concentrate more on tweaking to get the expected result. RENDERMONKEY ships with a wide library of shaders ranging from basic examples to the more advanced ones demonstrating some of the latest technology used in real time graphics”. — Francis Boivin, 3D Programmer, Ubisoft

“When writing “Shaders for Programmers and Artists”, I wanted to present shaders in a manner which was original and detached from any specific rendering API. RENDERMONKEY empowered me to write a book in a way giving my readers an easy to use environment which allows the creation of shaders by even novice users. Its powerful yet intuitive interface made it the best choice!” 

Sebastian LaurentMicrosoft

“RENDERMONKEY vastly improved our turnaround, from concept to actual code”. — Phillipe Paquet, Core Technology Manager, Reflections Interactive (Driver 3)

RENDERMONKEY revolutionized our shader development. It enabled Kuju to rapidly prototype cutting edge special effects and significantly increased the productivity of our graphics programmers. RENDERMONKEY’s clean UI has brought shader development into the mainstream of games programming.

“RENDERMONKEY allowed us to quickly and easily develop high, medium, and low-end shaders for our latest title. RENDERMONKEY’s easy to use, and its customizable interface helped programmers and artists efficiently work together to develop a desired shader effect. ATI has really hit a home run with this tool. We’ll be using it for years to come”. — Matt Gdowski, Technical Lead, Gabriel Interactive

RENDERMONKEY saves us a lot of time in developing shaders, because of its immediate visual feedback. The shaders we develop with RENDERMONKEY are immediately usable by our artists who on their turn setup all parameters inside the 3D modeling software we use, in order to create the visual effects that are desired. We find RENDERMONKEY especially useful when developing multi-pass effects because it allows us to see the output of each pass individually. We can highly recommend using RENDERMONKEY to anyone who needs to create anything from simple to very complex shaders. 

“With real-time preview, simple interface, disassembly window and other great features, RENDERMONKEY helped us to develop shaders in very short time for our game. If we did the same in C++, it would increase development time by factor of ten or even more. This tool is vital for any shader programmer”. — Roman Lut, Graphics engine programmer, Deep Shadows