Microsoft Visual Studio

At AMD, we are excited about the opportunity for AMD-powered devices with Windows to delight customers with a new, rich visual experience. Check out these Windows Resources.


Microsoft-DirectX-12-LogoDirectX® 12 is the very latest graphics API in high-speed, high-fidelity gaming and computing. DX12 offers a vast improvement in performance and power over previous versions of DX. Learn more about AMD and DirectX12.

Microsoft - DirectX11DirectX® 11 features technologies like Compute Shaders, Direct2D, Multithreaded Rendering and Tessellation, DirectX 11 can enable not just more visually stunning games, but significant performance improvements in some of your favorite websites and everyday applications.

Microsoft Visual Studio®

Microsoft - Visual Studio Microsoft Visual Studio® is the link between software and hardware as it enables software to leverage platform innovations. AMD and Microsoft closely collaborate during the development phase of our products to ensure that Visual Studio Tools generate optimized code for the latest AMD products. Learn more about Visual Studio.

Windows Dev Center – Universal App Development

Get started on Universal App development


Documentation from MSDN

Get help with parallel programming with Microsoft’s latest tools and libraries. They will help you get the most out of all the cores in your system.

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