EPYC™ system management software (E-SMS) stack comprises of kernel modules, user space libraries and tools to manage power, performance aspects of the EPYC™ line of server CPUs from AMD.

E-SMS In-band stack

E-SMS In-band stack is a Linux software stack based on in-band interfaces such as MSRs and HSMP (Host System Management Port)

  • Kernel modules
    • amd_energy driver : Open sourced linux driver, reports per core and per socket energy consumption via hwmon attributes (privileged user)
    • amd_hsmp module : Open sourced linux module that provides sysfs interface to the in-band system management functionality
    • edac modules: Upstreamed Linux kernel module under edac subsystem to provide error counts for the memory devices.
    • mce modules: Linux: Linux kernel module under MCE framework to handle the SMIs and provide error decoding and log them to dmesg
  • User space libraries and tools
    • E-SMI In-band library: The EPYC™ System Management Interface In-band Library, is a C-library for Linux, which provides APIs for In-band user space software to monitor and control the CPU’s power, energy, performance, and other system management functionality.
    • Rasdaemon: Error decoding and logging supported for AMD EPYC CPUs.