In an increasingly virtual world, you may enjoy the opportunity to talk with us face-to-face about the issues, concerns, and needs you have as a developer. We would enjoy meeting you and listening to your take on all things AMD. Come see us at these developer-oriented events.

Visit the EVENTS page to view events scheduled for this year. Below are highlights from some of our previous events.

Highlights from Previous Events of Interest

Capsaicin SIGGRAPH2016
AMD showcased new professional-class Radeon products at SIGGRAPH 2016. Watch the replay at the link above.

IWOCL 2016
The International Workshop on OpenCL™ was held April 19 -21 in Vienna, Austria. Joseph Greathouse, Kent Knox, Kiran Varaganti and Mayank Daga from AMD, and Jakub Poła from the University of Wrocław and Vratis, Ltd. hosted a presentation about the benefits of clSPARSE and the algorithms it contains.

Game Developer Conference 2016
More than 27,000 people attended the 2016 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco March 14 – 18. AMD and its partners sponsored and presented sessions on a comprehensive selection of topics, including Virtual Reality and graphics APIs. Check out the recap and view some of the presentations from the event.

GDC Europe 2015
GDC Europe was held August 3-4, 2015 in Cologne, Germany. Stephan Hodes showed game developers new concepts for developing for DirectX® 12 or Vulkan™ in his “DX12 & Vulkan: Dawn of a New Generation of Graphics APIs” presentation. Check it out.

Embedded Vision Summit 2015
AMD expert Harris Gasparakis discussed machine learning algorithms applied to visual computing tasks such as detection, recognition, and tracking, with an emphasis on fully exploiting the OpenCL2.0/HSA capabilities of modern hardware architectures at the Embedded Vision Summit 2015. He also examined archetypes of algorithms that contain magic numbers and/or fixed logic, and investigated adaptive generalizations and their implementation.

Game Developer Conference 2015
AMD and AMD partners attended GDC15 in San Francisco March 2-6 and provided tips on how to leverage the amazing performance and visuals of AMD GPU, APU and CPU products. This year marked the introduction of the DirectX 12 API, which is set to revolutionize the way game developers are able to harness the power of their GPUs and CPUs. AMD is at the forefront of this effort and we enjoyed sharing this excitement with you!

SIGGRAPH 2015 was held on August 11, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. Check out “An Overview of Next-Generation Graphics APIs” where Graham Sellers was one of the presenters discussing DirectX12®, Vulkan™ and other next generation APIs for developers.

Embedded World Conference 2015
Embedded World 2015 was held Feb. 24-26 in Nuremberg, Germany. AMD experts spoke on a variety of topics, including the keynote, “Heterogeneous Computing for an Internet of Things World.”

Conference Presentations
Browse this collection of AMD and partner conference presentations and learn more about a wide variety of technologies.