This file documents the use of the x86 Open64 Compiler Suite.
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ACML provides a free set of thoroughly optimized and threaded math routines for HPC, scientific, engineering and related compute-intensive applications. ACML is ideal for weather modeling, computational fluid dynamics, financial analysis, oil and gas applications and more.

Download: ACML (version 4.4.0 or above).

Building with ACML

Similar commands apply for the x86 Open64 versions of ACML. For example,

openf90 driver.f -L/opt/acml5.3.1/open64_64/lib -lacml
will compile driver.f and link it to the ACML using the 64-bit version.

The commands

opencc -c -I/opt/acml5.3.1/open64/include driver.c
opencc driver.o -L/opt/acml5.3.1/open64_64/lib -lacml
will compile driver.c and link it to the 64-bit ACML. The switch
tells the C compiler to search directory /opt/acml5.3.1/open64/include for the ACML C header file acml.h, which should be included by driver.c.

If you have an SMP machine and want to take best advantage of it, link against the Open64 OpenMP version of ACML like this:

openf90 -mp driver.f -L/opt/acml5.3.1/open64_64_mp/lib -lacml_mp

Note that the directories and library names involved now include the suffix _mp.

The -mp flag is important – it tells openf90 to link with the appropriate compiler OpenMP run-time library. Without it, you might get an “unresolved symbol” message at link time.

The commands

opencc -c -mp -I/opt/acml5.3.1/open64_64_mp/include driver.c
opencc -mp driver.o -L/opt/acml5.3.1/open64_64_mp/lib -lacml_mp
will compile driver.c and link it to the 64-bit ACML. Again, the -mp flag is important if you are linking to the Open64 OpenMP version of ACML. The C compiler is instructed to search the directory /opt/acml5.3.1/open64_mp/include for the ACML C header file acml.h, which should be included by driver.c, by using the switch -I/opt/acml5.3.1/open64_mp/include.

Known Limitations

There are no known limitations.