AMD provides technical support for these AMD software development tools**:

  • AMD Optimizing C/C++ and Fortran Compilers (“AOCC”)
  • AMD Optimizing CPU Libraries (“AOCL”)
  • AMD Zen Deep Neural Network library (“ZenDNN”)
  • AMD uProf profiler
  • AMD Spack packages available here.

Support may include**:

  • Installation, configuration and usage
  • Suggested best practices for usage
  • Guidance on application porting to supported AMD processors
  • Documentation
  • Functional bugs or tool performance

Support does not include:

  • Application design and development
  • Source-code and application debugging
  • Language standards not supported by the tools
  • Third party software

Support requests can be made through three paths:

  1. Through email
  2. Users under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with AMD who have a Single-Sign-On (SSO) login can make support requests through this ticket system.
    • NDA users without SSO access may request to Register Account here via the AMD NDA developer hub portal.
    • Note:  When registering, please provide the name and accurate email address of your AMD representative.
  3. Additional questions about AMD CPU software development tools can be directed to your local AMD representatives.

*Excludes support of versions older than one year from date of public release when a newer version of the tool is available.

**AMD reserves the right to modify or terminate support service at any time without notice.