AMD Compress 2.2 Release Delivers Enhanced GUI and new Features for Game Developers

AMD Compress enables game developers to provide high-definition texture images by way of tools that compress textures and create MIP maps. New to the tool set is a GUI that works with the AMD Compress SDK. This addition provides a number of new features to aid game developers in managing multiple textures of various sizes and formats.

AMD Compress GUI

The AMD Compress GUI gives you plenty of room to customize the process for quality and performance by controlling how the tools apply different compression techniques. The property and image difference views clearly displays how each compression format—with its own particular quality and speed parameters—works for various images, so the developer can evaluate the results and choose the approach that best fits the task at hand.


AMD Compress main application window with sample Ruby image view
Figure 1: AMD Compress main application window with sample Ruby image view

Project-based Texture Explorer

A project-based texture explorer provides a convenient way to set compression settings with capability to process multiple image compression, decompression and transcoding operations with a single command—whether applied individually to a batch of textures or sequentially to a single texture.

See Results Both Visually And Analytically

The image viewer interface allows developers to see results both visually and analytically, providing greater perspective on the task. To offer the broadest support, it works with a wide range of image file formats, both compressed and uncompressed.


AMD Compress Image Analysis and Difference Views
Figure 2: AMD Compress Image Analysis and Difference Views

Compress To Numerous Formats

In addition to handling 32-bit fixed- and floating-point texture images, the GUI can compress to numerous formats, including:

  • ASTC
  • ATC
  • ATInN
  • BCn
  • ETC
  • DXTn (includes Swizzle formats)

Thank you for your ongoing support, and we hope you find the features for AMD Compress GUI of interest.

Head over to the download page to check it out.

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Navin Patel is an SMTS lead developer for compression tools at AMD. Links to third party sites are provided for convenience and unless explicitly stated, AMD is not responsible for the contents of such linked sites and no endorsement is implied.

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  1. CruNcher

    Awesome improvements also the GUI looks neat and well thought out, great work Navin to you and the Team for taking the Compressonator to the next Level 🙂