ATI Stream Technology is now called AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) Technology.

We provide a variety of training materials to help you learn about OpenCL™, get started writing your first OpenCL™ program as well as take you through a few representative applications to see how they are implemented.If you are new to OpenCL™, it is recommended that you start off by viewing the AMD Stream OpenCL™ Technical Overview Video Series where Justin Hensley, a Senior Member of Technical Staff in the Office of the CTO, takes us through a five-part tutorial on the design goals of OpenCL™, basic terminology and concepts, execution and memory models, and a few coding details about how to offload tasks to the GPU.

Your First OpenCL™ Program

Benedict Gaster, an architect on AMD’s OpenCL team and contributor to the open source project, has written a comprehensive introductory tutorial that takes you through the steps for creating your first “Hello World” program in OpenCL. View that Introductory Tutorial to OpenCL™ here.

Additionally, an “Introduction to OpenCL” tutorial was delivered at the AMD Fusion Developer Summit that touches upon fundamental concepts of memory spaces, queues, synchronization issues, and more. Download that PDF.

This OpenCL™ Tutorial with OpenCLTemplate and Cloo @ CMSoft from CMSoft also provides a good introduction.

Step-by-Step Application-Specific Tutorials

There are also a few application examples where AMD engineers and partners show us how to go from algorithm to working OpenCL™ application with some representative tasks:

Workshops and Presentations

Course materials from previously conducted classes are available for download, so that you can learn at your own pace.

Training resources and upcoming training opportunities can be found in the OpenCL™ Training & Events section.

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