Stock_000038665988_medIndustry-Standard Benchmarking SuitesOnce you’ve optimized your application, you can compare its performance to industry benchmarks and other applications to get a better sense of whether it is performing at expected levels.

SiSoftware provides a GPGPU benchmark suite as part of Sandra 2010. SiSoftware has had AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) technology support since Sandra 2009, and with Sandra 2010, has added OpenCL™ support as well to make it easier to compare the performance of OpenCL™ platforms from one vendor to another.

The Sandra 2010 benchmark suite includes remote analysis, benchmarking and diagnostic features for PCs, servers, mobile devices and networks, and can be used to test OpenCL performance on AMD APP technology. The latest version of the Sandra 2010 benchmark suite can be downloaded from the SiSoftware site. See our knowledgebase article KB75 for helpful information on running the benchmark and reviewing the results.

Sample Application Programs

A tuned, single size 1K FFT implementation is provided as part of the AMD APP SDK samples package. Developers can use this sample application as a means to benchmark the computational performance of OpenCL™ for AMD GPUs.

3rd Party Applications

LuxRenderGPU is a port of LuxRender to utilize OpenCL™ for AMD APP acceleration.

LuxRender is a physically based rendering engine using ray-tracing techniques to produce realistic images of photographic quality. As part of the application, rendering time and samples per second are reported, which can be useful in benchmarking application-level performance of OpenCL™-based programs.

For more information on LuxRenderGPU, visit their website.

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