Before you begin diving into programming in OpenCL™, it may be useful to view this introductory overview video series. Justin Hensley, a Senior Member of Technical Staff in the Office of the CTO, takes us through a five-part tutorial on the design goals of OpenCL™, basic terminology and concepts, execution and memory models, and a few coding details about how to offload tasks to the GPU. Choose other tutorials via the left navigation or scroll down to step through this section.

ATI Stream Technology is now called AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) Technology.

Episode 1: What is OpenCL™?
In this video, you learn what OpenCL™ is and why...
Episode 2: What is OpenCL™? (continued)
In this video, you continue to learn about OpenCL™. We...
Episode 3: Resource Setup
In this video, you learn about resource allocation, resource setup...
Episode 4: Kernel Execution
In this video, you learn about the execution and synchronization...
Episode 5: Programming with OpenCL™ C
In this video, you learn about the OpenCL™ C kernel...

OpenCL™ Specification

Find documentation, specs and more information about the latest version of OpenCL™ from Khronos.

Programming Manuals and Guides

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