Resources to help you code faster with OpenCL

As an early supporter of OpenCL™ and a leading innovator and provider of high-performance CPUs, GPUs and SoC APUs, AMD is uniquely positioned in this industry to offer a complete acceleration platform for OpenCL.™ It’s easy to get started with OpenCL™ development using the resources below. For OpenCL™ tools, SDKs, libraries and support, visit the AMD OpenCL™ zone.

Getting Started with OpenCL™

Since AMD’s OpenCL™ release works on both x86 CPUs as well as AMD GPUs, you can get started coding in OpenCL™ immediately, even if you do not yet have an AMD GPU.

Programming in OpenCL™

Before you begin diving into programming with OpenCL™, it may be useful to view these resources.

OpenCL™ Technical Overview Video Series

This video series covers a technical overview of OpenCL™.

Intro OpenCL™ Tutorial

This article helps make OpenCL™ easier to understand and implement.

Introductory Tutorial to OpenCL™ for HPC

A programmer’s introduction, where the ideas behind OpenCL™ are covered and it is also shown how these ideas are translated into source code.



Check out these AMD partners who offer a variety of OpenCL™ training options customized to fit your needs.

OpenCL™ Articles and Papers

Technical documents, presentations, papers and related resources to help you get started or dive deeper into OpenCL™.

OpenCL™ Course Introduction

This course begins with an overview of GPU compute and discusses optimization tips to help you avoid common pitfalls.

OpenCL™ On-Demand Webinar Series

Watch a series of OpenCL™ webinars to learn even more.

OpenCL™ Support

Ask and answer questions, and collaborate with the OpenCL™ user community.