AMD recognizes that the GNU toolchain plays a critical part in the software development ecosystem, and therefore has been actively contributing to its evolution for over a decade. As far back as 2001, AMD developers and analysts have brought cutting edge code generation and reliability improvements for all x86 platforms to the GCC, glibc, binutils, GDB projects.

We feel strongly about our role, as a part of the greater open source community, to drive the quality and adoption of GCC and other components of the GNU project. AMD maintains close relationships with operating systems and compiler teams at major linux distribution vendors, as well as with GNU tools developers. These collaborations ensure that distributions include relevant GNU toolchain support for AMD platforms and help future-proof software products, and to analyze cutting edge instruction sets.

GNU Toolchains with latest AMD Processor Support

The GNU toolchain, available from the Free Software Foundation (FSF), supports the latest AMD processor-based platforms. GCC 4.6 includes support for Family 15h (“Bulldozer”) processors and support for future ISA extensions. GCC is also available via Linux distributions (e.g. Red Hat and SUSE). Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x includes the latest AMD processor support in the default GNU tool chain. SuSE Linux Enterprise includes the latest AMD processor support in an optional enterprise Software Developer Kit (SDK).

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