AMD has a long-standing track record of collaboration with open software development communities and continues to support the open source ecosystem. In addition to providing innovative advances in computing platforms, AMD has teams dedicated to building or enhancing open source tools and technologies to help software developers code faster for faster code. Browse the links below to find the open source tools and information you need.


Check out a collection of Open Source tools, including Aparapi, Code Sleuth Profiler, Perfmon2, QEMU and more, designed to make your projects faster, easier and more fun.


A plethora of OpenSource libraries for coding faster, including clMath, Bolt C++, Barracuda, Libclc, VexCL, CL4D and more.


Find the info and resources you need about Open Source languages such as C++, Java, WebCL, and Python here.


Learn about Open Source applications, including ImageMagick, Blender, Gimp and more.

Operating Systems

AMD is a long-time contributor to a number of Open Source Operating System repositories, including Linux Kernel, Ubuntu, GNU, Minix3 and FreeBSD. Check those out here.

Blogs, Articles & Other Resources

Industry experts share their insights about Open Source in these blog posts, articles and other resources.