Heterogeneous Computing Tools




AMD CodeXL is a comprehensive tool suite that enables developers to harness the benefits of AMD CPUs, GPUs and APUs.blank


OpenCL | Visual Studio

The APP SDK is a complete development platform to allow you to quickly and easily develop applications that are accelerated using OpenCL™. This SDK works with AMD heterogeneous computing technologies (AMD APUs or GPUs).

Media SDK

The Media SDK allows developers to optimally leverage the AMD platform for multimedia processing. The SDK maybe used in developing video conferencing, wireless display, remote desktop, video editing, transcode and playback applications


Legacy Heterogeneous Computing Tools 

These tools have reached end of life and are no longer supported, but they, and the supporting documentation, are still available for download if you need them.



Java | OpenCL

This API converts Java bytecode to OpenCL at runtime and executes it on the GPU. If Aparapi can’t execute on the GPU, it will execute in a Java thread pool.

clMath (Formerly APPML)


These math libraries contain FFT and BLAS functions. They primarily target AMD GPUs & APUs but support CPUs as well to facilitate debugging and heterogeneous programming.


OpenCL | C++ AMP

Bolt provides an STL compatible library of high level constructs for creating accelerated data parallel applications. Bolt includes an array of Bolt capabilities by including support for common compute-optimized routines including sort, scan, transform, and reduce operations. In its open-source debut, Bolt supports C++ AMP in addition to OpenCL™ as underlying supported compute technologies.


DirectX | OpenGL | OpenCL

GPUPerfAPI is a library that can be integrated directly into your own graphics or compute application for accessing GPU performance counters. It requires AMD Radeon™ HDseries graphic cards.

So all in all the announcement of AMD’s CodeXL tool is a major step forward for AMD’s software developer initiatives. CodeXL brings the CPU side andGPU side of AMD hardware base under the same roof for the purposes of code profiling and debugging, anddoes it in a multi-platform conscious manner. To AMD’s credit, in the year since the inaugural AFDS,they’ve really started to build a truly meaningful software ecosystem around their APUs; and CodeXL isanother integral part of that initiative.

– Thomas Ryan