Radeon ProRender Technology is State of the Art

shapes2-300x150Radeon ProRender technology (formerly AMD FireRender) is a state of the art, physically-based rendering engine enabling interactive workflows for the production of photorealistic images on heterogeneous computing systems. Based on the industry standard OpenCL™ API, FireRender can harness compute capabilities from multiple resources in a heterogeneous environment. The FireRender engine is a full-fledged unbiased path tracing renderer and also includes a native physically-based material system. The FireRender SDK provides a C++ library that allows for easy integration into applications wherever fast, high quality rendering is needed.

We are excited to announce that the Radeon ProRender for Autodesk® 3ds Max® Plugin is here! This is made for designers, artists, and creatives, who want to make stunning renderings at no cost, AMD FireRender for Autodesk® 3ds Max® is a physically accurate raytracing plugin that provides a simple to use, deeply integrated Autodesk® 3ds Max® experience, with an extensive beautiful material library. AMD FireRender is built on OpenCL™ 1.2, which means it can run on virtually any hardware and will harness the compute capabilities from both GPUs and CPUs! Learn more and download it here


Radeon ProRender is an unbiased path tracing engine. Written using OpenCL 1.2, Radeon ProRender can run on virtually any hardware, including hardware that supports the OpenCL standard. Radeon ProRender also provides a CPU backend which means that Radeon ProRender can run on GPU, CPU, CPU+GPU, or a variety of combinations of multiple CPUs and GPUs.


The Radeon ProRender SDK has the following requirements:

  • A PC with Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1 or Windows® 10 installed.
  • Any GPU with OpenCL 1.2 driver support
  • Suitable AMD Catalyst™ drivers installed. Each SDK package mentions the minimum driver version required.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 installed to compile the samples.
  • The Visual Studio 2013 redistributable is required to run precompiled SDK sample binaries.




Radeon ProRender is Feature Rich

Below are some of the supported features:

  • API (C-style)
  • Unbiased/biased path-tracing
    • State of the art sampling algorithms
    • Multiple importance sampling
    • Many lights support
    • Adaptive rendering
  • Physically-based materials
    • Layered material support
    • Standard uber-material
    • Volumetrics
  • Physically-based camera
    • Lens and sensor simulation
    • Physical bokeh
    • Motion blur
    • Analytic and physical lights
    • Point, directional, spot lights
    • Area lights
    • Image based light with IS
    • IES profiles support
    • Incandescent material
    • Physical skylight
    • Post-processing filters
    • Numerous image reconstruction
    • Tonemapping
    • Based on open technologies
    • OpenCL
    • OpenGL (interop supported)
    • OpenImageIO
    • OpenVDB






// Create OpenCL context using a single GPU
GPU0, NULL, NULL, &status);
// Create a scene
fr_scene scene = frContextCreateScene(context, &status);
// Create cube mesh
fr_shape cube = frContextCreateMesh(context,
(fr_float const*)&cube_data[0], 24, sizeof(vertex),
(fr_float const*)((char*)&cube_data[0] + sizeof(fr_float)*3), 24, sizeof(vertex),
(fr_float const*)((char*)&cube_data[0] + sizeof(fr_float)*6), 24, sizeof(vertex),
(fr_int const*)indices, sizeof(fr_int),
(fr_int const*)indices, sizeof(fr_int),
(fr_int const*)indices, sizeof(fr_int),
num_face_vertices, 12, &status);
/* …
More API calls here
// Create simple diffuse shader
fr_shader diffuse = frContextCreateShader(context, FR_SHADER_LAMBERT, &status);
assert(status == FR_SUCCESS);
// Set diffuse color parameter to gray
status = frShaderSetParameter4f(diffuse, “kd”, 0.7f, 0.5f, 0.7f, 1.f);
assert(status == FR_SUCCESS);
// Set shader for cube & plane meshes
status = frShapeSetShader(cube, diffuse);
assert(status == FR_SUCCESS);
// Progressively render an image
for (int i = 0; i < NUM_ITERATIONS; ++i)
status = frContextRender(context);
assert(status == FR_SUCCESS);

ProRender for Autodesk® 3ds Max® Plugin

Learn more and download the Radeon ProRender for Autodesk® 3ds Max® plugin.


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