he AMD OpenGL ES SDK is a set of libraries and headers that developers can use to create 3D graphics applications using the OpenGL ES 2 API natively on Microsoft Windows® and Linux® operating systems. The Khronos Group developed OpenGL ES 2 as a royalty-free, cross-platform API to enable modern graphics capabilities on mobile platforms. OpenGL ES 2 is a subset of the full OpenGL 2 specification, but provides a smaller, lightweight API, limited to the core functionality required to support fully programmable 3D graphics, without the overhead of legacy features. This API has been adopted by many embedded devices such as consoles, mobile phones, handheld computers, and vehicles. Additionally, the Khronos Group derived WebGL, an open standard for delivering 3D graphics to the web, from OpenGL ES, incorporating features such as the GLSL ES shading language.

In order to facilitate a common method of interfacing graphics APIs, such as OpenGL ES, with the window system of the native platform, The Khronos Group developed EGL, a cross-platform API that provides support for context management, surface binding, and rendering synchronization.

Typically, emulators or translation layers are required to develop and execute OpenGL ES application in desktop environments, but with this SDK, AMD provides fully compliant native support for OpenGL ES 2 and EGL on systems running AMD Radeon™ HD, AMD Mobility Radeon™ HD, and AMD FirePro™ graphics cards.

Included Tools and Libraries

OpenGL ES 2 and EGL headers;

32 bit and 64 bit OpenGL ES 2 libraries for Microsoft Windows® and Linux® environments;

32 bit and 64 bit EGL libraries for Microsoft Windows® and Linux® environments;

Sample application for interfacing OpenGL ES 2 and EGL with Microsoft Windows® and Linux® operating systems.


A simple tutorial for developing with EGL and OpenGL ES 2 is included in the SDK

OpenGL ES specifications and reference

EGL specifications and samples