These tools and libraries have reached end of life and are no longer supported, but are provided here without warranty as a convenience in case you need them.  For current tools, SDKs and libraries, please visit our Tools & SDKs page.

AMD’s commitment to Open Source is growing. Check out the GPUOpen website for many of the tools that are listed on this page.

Archived CPU Tools

AMD String Library

The AMD String Library provides standard GNU C Library (glibc) string functions optimized for AMD processors. Please note: ATI Stream SDK is now AMD APP SDK.

Framewave Project

The Framewave project offers developers code-level access to a vast array of signal and image functions and routines.

CPUID Masking Utility for VM Migration (10KB)

Download this archived central processing unit identification (CPUID) masking utility for VM migration here.

SSEPlus Project

The SSEPlus library simplifies SIMD development through optimized emulation of SSE instructions, CPUID wrappers, and fast versions of key SIMD algorithms.

128-Bit SSE5 Instruction Set

SIMD  instructions, also called packed instructions, are widely used in high performance computing (HPC), multimedia, and security applications.

Archived GPU Tools


An advanced shading language interface tool

AMD ATI Compress

ATI_Compress is now the open source tool, Compressonator, and is available at GPUOpen!

GPU Mesh Mapper

A tool for generating maps (including normal, displacement, and ambient occlusion maps) for a low-resolution mesh based on the details from a high-resolution mesh

Cube Map Gen

A tool for importing, filtering, visualizing, and exporting cubemaps


HLSL2GLSL is a library and tool that converts HLSL shaders to GLSL.

Normal Mapper

A toolset for developers to easily generate and test maps

Render Monkey™

RenderMonkey is a rich shader development environment for both programmers and artists that facilitates the collaborative creation of real-time shader effects.