Welcome to the archive AMD Radeon Software Developer Kit (SDK) page. This kit is intended to provide developers with information on getting the most out of AMD’s products using Microsoft® DirectX® or OpenGL for 3D graphics. The SDK is a compilation of new and previously posted information from the AMD Developer Central web site. See our most recent samples and documents here.

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Microsoft’s DirectX


Direct3D 11 Samples using the new features of the AMD Radeon HD 5000 series graphics cards; New format; Samples and documentation can now be conveniently downloaded individually from our web site.

Sample Applets

Direct3D 11 Samples: Contact Hardening Shadows 11; Detail Tessellation 11; PN-Triangles 11

Direct3D 10.1 Samples: Depth of Field 10.1; High Definition Ambient Occlusion 10.1; Transparency Anti-Aliasing 10.1

Current samples

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