The AMD String Library provides standard GNU C Library (glibc) string functions optimized for AMD processors. The AMD string package is a library (called containing a subset of routines from The routines in are optimized for AMD processors supporting the SSE4a instruction set. At present, this library is available in rpm form and supports the 64-bit versions of x86_64 Linux. Currently, the library is tested and supported only on RHEL 5.2. However, if you have any specific requests, please visit our Support forum and submit a help request. If your applications and workloads are string-searching intensive then you may benefit from this library. Simply install libsst; no need to recompile your existing code. All the applications using the routines exported by libsst will then use libsst rather then libc.

The AMD String Library contains optimized versions of ffsll, strchr, strrchr, memchr, strlen, strnlen, index and rindex functions. Benefits include:

1) Improved performance for a wide variety of applications; 2) Binary compatibility with standard glibc functions; 3) No need to recompile existing code


For more information, please refer to the User Guide included in the library.

Support & Feedback

Let us know your thoughts or share your performance results in our developer forums.

System Requirements

A CPU supporting the AMD SSE4A instruction set

64-bit RHEL 5.2


*Please note: read String Library License before downloading.

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GNU C Library (glibc) string functions optimized for AMD processors.