These tools have reached end of life and are no longer supported. Some of them have evolved into a new, open-sourced version and can now be found on All of them are archived here and provided without warranty as a convenience in case you need them.

AMD String Library

The AMD String Library provides standard GNU C Library (glibc) string functions optimized for AMD processors.


AMD Core Math Library, or ACML, provides a free set of thoroughly optimized and threaded math routines for HPC, scientific, engineering and related compute-intensive applications.


Advanced Platform Management Link (APML ) is an out-of-band power management and RAS (Reliability, Availability and Serviceability) AMD processor feature.

APP Kernel Analyzer

AMD APP KernelAnalyzer is a static analysis tool to compile, analyze and disassemble an OpenCL kernel for AMD GPUs.

APP Profiler

The AMD APP Profiler is a performance analysis tool that gathers data from the OpenCL™ run-time and AMD Radeon™ GPUs during the execution of an OpenCL™ application.

CodeAnalyst Performance Analyzer

Simplify and enhance data collection performance and analysis. AMD CodeAnalyst Performance Analyzer helps software developers improve the performance of applications, drivers and system software.


AMD gDEBugger is an OpenCL™ and OpenGL debugger and memory analyzer that is available as Microsoft® Visual Studio® plugin on Windows® and a standalone version on Linux®.


AMD LibM is a software library containing a collection of basic math functions optimized for x86-64 processor based machines.

SSEPlus Project

SSEPlus, an open-source project to help developers write high performing SSE code.

128-Bit SSE5 Instruction Set

Streaming SIMD Extension 5 (SSE5) is a proposed extension to the AMD64 (x86-64 or x64) instruction set.