OpenCL™ Zone

Open Computing Language allows programmers to preserve their expensive source code investment and easily target multi-core CPUs, GPUs, and APUs. It's easy to get started working with AMD and partner tools such as AMD APP SDK, CodeXL, AMD Compute Libraries (ACL), BOLT and more.

Graphics & Game Development

Maximize your GPU knowledge with these graphics development tools that include: AMD LiquidVR™, AMD Compress, GPU PerfStudio, AMD FIrePro SDK, AMD Radeon™ SDK, AMD GPU Services Library, GPUPerfAPI and more.

CPU Development

These high-performance tools and libraries help you create simpler, more portable and maintainable code: AMD Optimizing C/C++ Compiler, CodeXL, Open64 SDK, SimNow Simulator, Tools for DMTF DASH, x86 Open64 Compiler Suite, ACL, APML and more.

Open Source Zone

Long live open source! Read about some of the coolest open source technologies, and learn more about AMD’s growing commitment to open source with the new GPUOpen portal ( - a comprehensive collection of Open Source visual effects, productivity tools, and other content.

Radeon Open Compute Platform

Work with powerful tools and libraries, like AMD Compute Libraries (ACL), CodeXL and AMD APP SDK, that let you fully optimize the performance of your CPU, GPU and APU.

Tools, SDKs & Libraries Index

Visit this page for a quick view of all AMD tools, SDKs and libraries.

AMD's newest offering provides the keys to more readily access our parallel computing engines – both multicore CPUs and GPUs – and to make these benefits available to the mainstream of developers across a broad spectrum of computing platforms, from embedded to supercomputing

-- Mark Papermaster