Heterogeneous Computing (incl. GPGPU)

Work with powerful tools that let you fully optimize the performance of your CPU, GPU and APU: AMD APP SDK, CodeXL, BOLT, Aparapi and more.

Media SDK

Leverage the AMD platform for multimedia processing. The SDK may be used in developing video conferencing, wireless display, remote desktop, video editing, transcode and playback applications.

CPU Development

These high-performance tools and libraries help you create simpler, more portable and maintainable code: Open64 SDK, Code Analyst, SimNow Simulator, Tools for DMTF DASH, x86 Open64 Compiler Suite, ACML, APML, APPML and LibM.

Graphics Development

Maximize your GPU knowledge with these graphics development tools that include: GPU PerfStudio, AMD FIrePro SDK, AMD GPU Services Library, GPUPerfAPI and more.

Open Source Zone

Long live open source! Read about some of the coolest open source tools that use heterogeneous computing technologies.

Archived Tools

These tools have reached end of life and are no longer supported but are available for download without warranty if you need them: gDEBugger, APP Kernel Analyzer, APP Profiler, Code Analyst, AMD String Library, ATI Radeon™ SDK and more.

Heterogeneous computing is the future, and assuming most software developers can be made to recognize the benefits and program to take advantage of the new chips, I’m all for it. When additional CPU cores and smaller process nodes stop making the cut, heterogeneous computing is where the industry will look for performance gains.