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A variety of tools and libraries exists today for developers interested into writing OpenCL™ applications.

Software Development Kit

For the majority of OpenCL™ developers, all they will need is:

This contains all of the development tools you need to build an OpenCL™ program and analyze performance bottlenecks.

The AMD APP SDK v2.6 also includes almost 60 OpenCL™ sample applications to show you how to implement various popular algorithms in OpenCL™. These, and some additional samples can also be downloaded here

Aparapi – for Java developers

Aparapi is an API for expressing data parallel workloads in Java and running those workloads on a compatible GPU if possible. Using the AMD APP SDK with a compatible GPU, if your Java parallel code avoids any constructs that would make it untranslatable to OpenCL™, Aparapi will translate your workload to OpenCL™ and will run your workload on the GPU.


AMD CodeXL is a comprehensive tool suite that enables developers to harness the benefits of AMD CPUs, GPUs and APUs. It includes powerful GPU debugging, comprehensive GPU and CPU profiling, and static OpenCL™ kernel analysis capabilities, enhancing accessibility for software developers to enter the era of heterogeneous computing. AMD CodeXL is available both as a Visual Studio® extension and a standalone user interface application for Windows® and Linux®.

AMD CodeXL replaces these tools: AMD APP Profiler, gDEBugger, AMD CodeAnalyst and AMD Kernel Analyzer

To learn more go to the AMD CodeXL page