Before you begin diving into programming in OpenCL, it may be useful to view this introductory overview video series. Justin Hensley, a Senior Member of Technical Staff in the Office of the CTO, takes us through a five-part tutorial on the design goals of OpenCL™, basic terminology and concepts, execution and memory models, and a few coding details about how to offload tasks to the GPU.

ATI Stream Technology is now called AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) Technology.

Episode Index

  • Episode 1: What is OpenCL™?
  • Episode 2: What is OpenCL™? (continued)
  • Episode 3: Resource Setup
  • Episode 4: Kernel Execution
  • Episode 5: Programming with OpenCL™ C

OpenCL Specification

The current version of the

OpenCL Specification is version 1.1.

Programming Manuals and Guides

OpenCL Zone - Case Study BookletComing Soon! An OpenCL Case Study Booklet.

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