OpenCL™ is the first truly open and royalty-free programming standard for general-purpose computations on heterogeneous systems. Open Computing Language allows programmers to preserve their expensive source code investment and easily target multi-core CPUs, GPUs, and the new APUs. Developed in an open standards committee with representatives from major industry vendors, OpenCL™ gives users what they have been demanding: a cross-vendor, non-proprietary solution for accelerating their applications on CPU, GPUs and APUs.

AMD, an early supporter of OpenCL™, and leading innovator and provider of high-performance CPUs and GPUs, is uniquely positioned in this industry to offer a complete acceleration platform for OpenCL™. Developer and technology partners have created several applications, libraries and technology demonstrations taking advantage of AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP)-acceleration.  Check out the applications and demos on our Applications Showcase page to see how AMD APP technology and OpenCL™ can help improve performance and overall computational efficiency. And, browse the links below for additional resources to help you get started with OpenCL™.

Getting Started with OpenCL™

 Since AMD’s OpenCL™ release works on both x86 CPUs as well as AMD GPUs, you can get started coding in OpenCL™ immediately

Tools & Libraries

 A variety of tools and libraries exists today for developers interested in writing OpenCL™ applications

Programming in OpenCL™

 A five-part tutorial on the design goals of OpenCL™, basic terminology and concepts, execution and memory models, and a few coding details about how to offload tasks to the GPU


 Check out AMD partners who offer a variety of OpenCL training options customized to fit your needs.

Articles & Papers

Find a variety of technical documents, presentations and papers to help you get started or dive deeper into OpenCL™.

OpenCL™ Videos

 Watch a series of videos about OpenCL. Choose from a technical series or watch previous webinars.

OpenCL™ 2.0 Functionality Preview

Download a preview driver that gives you an early glimpse of the Shared Virtual Memory and Platform Atomics functionality of the recently ratified OpenCL™ 2.0 spec.

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