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Virtual Reality (VR)

Title Format Date
Graphics Processing Requirements for Enabling Immersive VR, by David Kanter PDF July 2015

Asynchronous Shaders

Title Format Date
Asynchronous Shaders – Unlocking the Full Potential of the GPU, AMD PDF July 2015

Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA)

Title Format Date
HSA: A New Architecture for Heterogeneous Computing (Tirias Research, Sponsored by AMD) PDF Jan. 2014
Everything you Always Wanted to Know About HSA* (Nathan Brookwood) PDF Oct. 2013
HSA Foundation – Purpose and Outlook (Moor Insights & Strategy) PDF Nov. 2012


Title Format Date
OpenCL™ Extensions and Device Fission (Rob Farber) HTML 03/30/2012
Heterogeneous workflows using OpenCL™ (Rob Farber) HTML 03/30/2012
OpenCL™ plugins (Rob Farber) HTML 03/30/2012
JPEG Decoding with Run-Length Encoding: A CPU and GPU Approach HTML 01/31/2012
Tiled Convolution: Fast Image Filtering HTML 12/5/2011
OpenCL™ Optimization Case Study Fast Fourier Transform – Part II (Tauseef Rehman, Aamir Majeed) HTML 11/11/2011
OpenCL™ Optimization Case Study Fast Fourier Transform – Part I (Tauseef Rehman, Aamir Majeed) HTML 11/1/2011
Bulk Encryption on GPUs (Salman Ul Haq, Jawad Masood, Aamir Majeed, Usman Aziz) HTML 10/12/2011
Supercomputer Performance on a Chip Powers Next-Generation Embedded Image Processing (RTC Magazine) HTML 06/23/2011
APU 101: All about AMD Accelerated Processing Units PDF 5/31/2011
OpenCL Buffers and Memory Affinity (Rob Farber) HTML 05/24/2011
Primitive Restart and OpenGL Interoperability (Rob Farber) HTML 05/24/2011
OpenCL™ and the AMD APP SDK v2.4 (AMD Staff Engineer) HTML 04/06/2011
AMD Offers Alternative To CUDA For Parallelism (Dr. Dobbs) HTML 03/23/2011
Coordinating Computations with OpenCL Queues (Rob Farber) HTML 03/11/2011
Programming models for next generation of GPGPU architectures (Benedict R. Gaster) PDF 2/27/2011
OpenCL™ Optimization Case Study: Support Vector Machine Training HTML 02/11/2011
Making OpenCL™ Simple with Haskell PDF 02/01/2011
Work-Groups and Synchronization (Rob Farber) HTML 01/06/2011
Memory Spaces (Rob Farber) HTML 10/27/2010
OpenCL™ Optimization Case Study: Simple Reductions HTML 08/25/2010
OpenCL™ Optimization Case Study: Diagonal Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication HTML 06/10/2010
ATI Stream Computing – Histogram Optimization Illustration PPS 04/05/2010

Optimization and Performance

Title Format Date
Leverage Aparapi to Help Improve Financial Java Application Performance (Shrinivas Joshi ) PDF 01/18/2012
Java Garbage Collection Characteristics and Tuning Guidelines for Apache Hadoop TeraSort Workload (Shrinivas Joshi, Vasileios Liaskovitis) PDF 10/11/2010
Dynamic Whole Program Profiling (Richard Gorton) PDF 09/13/2010
New Round-to-Even Technique for Large-scale Data and Its Application in Integer Scaling (Dr. Gongyuan Zhuang, Ravindra Babu, Bragadeesh Natarajan) HTML 06/11/2010
Java Performance when Debugging is Enabled (Tom Deneau) HTML 05/06/2010
Incorporating Instruction-Based Sampling into AMD CodeAnalyst (Paul Drongowski, Lei Yu, Frank Swehosky, Suravee Suthikulpanit, Robert Richter) PDF 04/08/2010
Instruction-Based Sampling and AMD CodeAnalyst (Paul J. Drongowski) PPT 03/29/2010
 NUMA Aware Heap Memory Manager Article  PDF  2009


Title Format Date
Using ACML (AMD Core Math Library) In High Performance Computing Challenge (HPCC) PDF 10/03/2012
HPC High Performance Linpack (AMD Staff) PDF 04/23/2012
From Computational Science to Science Discovery: The Next Computing Landscape PDF 01/22/2010

Platform & Processor Architecture

Title Format Date
Shared Level-1 Instruction-cache Performance on AMD family 15h (aka “Bulldozer”) PDF 02/03/2012

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Case Studies

Title Format Date
AMD Boosts Data Warehouse Performance with Parallel Processing Appliance PDF 01/24/2013
OpenCL™ Optimization Case Study: Support Vector Machine Training HTML 02/11/2011
OpenCL™ Optimization Case Study: Diagonal Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication HTML 05/10/2010
AMD Gives Big Quad to Big Animation’s Creative Core HTML 02/08/2010