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Security & Encryption

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AMD Memory Encryption, by David Kaplan, Jeremy Powell, Tom Woller PDF April 2016

Virtual Reality (VR)

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Graphics Processing Requirements for Enabling Immersive VR, by David Kanter PDF July 2015

Simulation and Rendering

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Texel Shading, by Karl Hillesland, J. C. Yang PDF June 2016
Simulation and Rendering for Millions of Grass Blades, by Zengzhi Fan, Hongwei Li, Karl Hillesland, Bin Sheng PDF March 2015

Asynchronous Shaders

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Asynchronous Shaders – Unlocking the Full Potential of the GPU, AMD PDF July 2015

Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA)

Title Format Date
HSA: A New Architecture for Heterogeneous Computing (Tirias Research, Sponsored by AMD) PDF Jan. 2014
Everything you Always Wanted to Know About HSA* (Nathan Brookwood) PDF Oct. 2013
HSA Foundation – Purpose and Outlook (Moor Insights & Strategy) PDF Nov. 2012


Title Format Date
OpenCL™ Extensions and Device Fission (Rob Farber) HTML 03/30/2012
Heterogeneous workflows using OpenCL™ (Rob Farber) HTML 03/30/2012
OpenCL™ plugins (Rob Farber) HTML 03/30/2012
JPEG Decoding with Run-Length Encoding: A CPU and GPU Approach HTML 01/31/2012

Optimization and Performance

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Leverage Aparapi to Help Improve Financial Java Application Performance (Shrinivas Joshi ) PDF 01/18/2012


Title Format Date
Using ACML (AMD Core Math Library) In High Performance Computing Challenge (HPCC) PDF 10/03/2012
HPC High Performance Linpack (AMD Staff) PDF 04/23/2012

Platform & Processor Architecture

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Shared Level-1 Instruction-cache Performance on AMD family 15h (aka “Bulldozer”) PDF 02/03/2012

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Case Studies

Title Format Date
AMD Boosts Data Warehouse Performance with Parallel Processing Appliance PDF 01/24/2013