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Founded in 2003, DevelopIntelligence specializes in helping software teams adopt new technologies by providing highly-customized, role-based training solutions in the areas of  Java, Web Development, Open Source, Software Engineering, OpenCL™ and more to development teams world-wide. DevelopIntelligence instructors are highly qualified and personable, and they teach more than 150 different courses on today’s in-demand software. Committed to excellence, DevelopIntelligence personalizes its services to meet each client’s needs.


Role-based OpenCL™ training with options that include: Overview of High-Performance GPU Architectures, Introduction to High-Performance GPU Architectures, and Advanced Programming of High-Performance GPU Architectures.


More than 45 courses in Java™ training, ranging from introductory boot camps to highly advanced courses on specific challenges in Java™ programming.

Web Development

Highly qualified instructors teach an expansive list of beginner and advanced courses necessary for strong web development skills, including HTML5, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Ruby, developing for mobile, and much more.

Open Source

As part of the open source community for more than 20 years, DevelopIntelligence offers beginner through advanced courses that include Hadoop, Apache, Perl, Python, Scala, Spring, MySQL, Linux and more.

C++ Boot Camp

This five-day boot camp provides systems administrators, web developers and software developers with the knowledge and skills needed to transition from another programming language to C++. Course topics include basic C++ concepts, function usage, inheritance, templates, I/O, interfacing and more.

Introduction to C++

For programmers looking to learn C++, this introductory course is designed to familiarize students with core concepts, language syntax, and APIs required in C++ application programming. You will leave the class with knowledge of the value of C++ in enabling and enhancing code-reuse and code-evolution.

C++ Template Programming

Programmers working with C++ find this DevelopIntelligence course valuable in learning the Template Library as its purpose is to instruct students in the concepts behind and practice of using a Standard Template Library (STL).

To learn more, visit the DevelopIntelligence Web site or call 877-629-5631.