accelereyes_logo AccelerEyes has been working with AMD to develop premium training courses for AMD APUs and AMD Radeon GPUs. These training courses are the fastest way for developers to become proficient at programming OpenCL™ for AMD devices.

ArrayFire for OpenCL

ArrayFire now supports OpenCL™ devices, making it easy to get great performance on CPUs, GPUs, APUs, FPGAs, and coprocessors!

Features include:

  • Support for all of ArrayFire’s function library (with a few exceptions)
  • Same API as ArrayFire for CUDA enabling seamless interoperability
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation of kernels for top performance
  • Specific tuning for Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors
  • Accelerated algorithms for image processing, signal processing, visualization, and more

Check out the AccelerEyes release notes and documentation for a complete list of the many ArrayFire v2.0 enhancements available.

Upcoming OpenCL™ Training Courses and Locations

Date Location Date Location
Dec 4-5, 2013 New York, NY

Visit the AccelerEyes website for more information.