The following organizations offer a variety of training services to help you code faster with faster code.


ArrayFire provides advanced training and hands-on practicums to help you and your team become proficient at programming ArrayFire for OpenCL™ and OpenCL™ for AMD devices in just a matter of days. Learn more.


Acceleware offers advanced OpenCL™ training tailored for AMD APUs and GPUs taught by experienced OpenCL™ programmers with real world experience. Learn more.


DevelopIntelligence offers a variety of personalized training options for learning OpenCL™, advanced programming of high-performance GPU architectures, C++ and more.  Learn more.


Mindshare offers classroom, e-learning, book, virtual classroom training and instruction materials on OpenCL™ and AMD hardware and software.  Learn more.


StreamComputing offers OpenCL™ training throughout Europe. The focus is on making the concepts of OpenCL™ clear and giving developers the skills needed to embed OpenCL™ into their code. Courses are adapted to the specific needs. Learn more.

RunTime Computing Solutions

Beginning, intermediate and advanced training that focuses on efficient use of OpenCL. RunTime trainers explain the strategies, tactics, and approaches to using OpenCL for performance, portability, design and debugging, as well as how and where to retrofit OpenCL into C/C++ . Learn more.