Media SDKv1.0 Beta Release


Last year at the AMD developer conference I had presented our plans for the Media SDK. Today it gives me great pleasure to announce the availability of the Media SDKv1.0 Beta release.

This will be the first public release of the Media SDK. Please download  the release, review it and send us your feedback . I look forward to incorporating your feedback into a truly world class Media SDK that enables developers to provide unique and differentiated multimedia experiences on the AMD platform.

So what’s cool about the Media SDK and why should developers care about it? Specifically I would like to highlight the following features:

Video Pre/Post Processing

AMD has developed a powerful suite of GPU compute shader optimized video processing features like AMD Steady VideoTM, dynamic contrast and noise reduction. The Media SDK provides APIs for leveraging these unique and differentiated video processing capabilities.

Video Encoding and Decoding

The Media SDK provides APIs for leveraging the fixed function hardware blocks – Video Compression Engine (VCE) and Unified Video Decoder (UVD) – for video encoding and decoding respectively.

Low Latency Video Encoding

AMD’s Video Compression Engine (VCE) can leverage a direct path to the display controller for low latency video encoding known as Display Encode Mode (DEM). VCE-DEM can be used in low latency applications like Wireless Display. The Media SDK provides a C++ library to leverage VCE in DEM mode

The Media SDK provides Media Foundation Transforms (MFTs) targeted for developers using the Microsoft Media Foundation framework. The MFTs allow developers to leverage the VCE/UVD for video encoding/decoding.  A special Video Quality(VQ) MFT is provided with the Media SDK that allows developers to use the video pre/post processing features mentioned above. Note that the MFTs may be used in both the Windows classic desktop as well as Windows store application development.

MediaSDKv1.0 Beta release will support Windows 7 and 8/8.1, 32 and 64 bit systems. The beta release should be used with the Catalyst 13.9 driver.

The Media SDKv1.0 may be used for developing video conferencing, wireless display, video editing, video transcode and playback applications. Developers have already started innovating with the Media SDK. For examples of some of the cool things that our developers are doing using the Media SDK check out the links shown below:

To get more in depth information and talk to AMD experts about the Media SDK please attend the APU 13 conference at the San Jose Convention Center on November 11-13. At the conference you will see live demos of applications using the Media SDK.  I will also be providing an overview of the Media SDK in my talk Innovating with AMD Multimedia Technologies    on Wednesday, Nov 13 at 11:00am.

So have fun playing with the Media SDKv1.0 beta release  and please do let us know what you think about it!

Thank You

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