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What’s new with AMD developer tools?

Here at AMD, we understand how important developers are to our mission of realizing the full potential of modern computing technology.  We seek to continuously improve the developer experience because we know that only together can we successfully harness latest technologies to enrich people’s lives – something we’re all striving toward.  To achieve this common mission, the developer products team at AMD is driving improvements across three vectors:

  • Support for cross-platform solutions (across OSes and vendors):  Where possible, we focus on industry and de facto standard solutions to provide maximum performance on AMD hardware platforms while allowing all platforms to deliver their full potential.
  • Support for multiple languages:  Every programmer has their favorite programming language(s) – but not everyone is anxious to (or has the time to) learn new ones.  The best way to expose heterogeneous computing to the broadest group of developers is to provide acceleration support in popular mainstream languages.  That’s what we aim to deliver over time.
  • Support for Open Source:  Embracing open source software has tremendous potential to provide productivity benefits to developers.  AMD is investing in open source heterogeneous solutions to benefit everyone.

These three vectors represent an ongoing mission and we will continue to evolve over time.  Today’s releases represent our latest steps forward.

New Releases, New Features

We’re releasing a new APP SDK with some nice ease-of-use features included.  We’re also releasing a new CodeXL tool suite (version 1.3) and updated versions of Open Source libraries including clMath, OpenCV and Bolt, a C++ template library.  Together, these tools provide a substantial step forward in productivity and ease of use for developers wishing to harness the full power of modern heterogeneous platforms spanning from servers to PCs to handheld devices.   Here’s the scoop on our latest releases:

1. AMD APP SDK 2.9:  For this release, we’ve focused on ease-of-use and productivity.  We’ve included a new unified installer which provides access to both the AMD APP SDK and the new AMD Media SDK.  We’ve also added a web-based sample browser to make it easier to find the right samples for your project.  And, we’ve added support for CMake and improved OpenCL™ source editing in visual studio.

Download the unified installer for Windows 32-bit here Download the unified installer for Windows 64-bit here

2. Open Source Libraries:  We’ve added additional acceleration capabilities to several open source libraries to make it simple to add acceleration to your application.  These include Bolt, clMath and OpenCV.  OpenCV (computer vision library) now has many more functions accelerated with OpenCL™. Bolt is a C++ template library providing GPU off-load for common parallel algorithms.  We’ve added cross-OS support as well as numerous performance improvements and new functions.  Bolt supports Cross vendor platforms today via CPU and multi-core fallback paths, but stay tuned, we will tackle cross-vendor acceleration next.   clMath accelerates BLAS and FFT libraries accessible from Fortran, C and C++.

3. AMD CodeXL 1.3:  To further our effort to provide a comprehensive integrated tool suite, we’ve now incorporated static kernel analysis capabilities into AMD CodeXL with a new and improved user experience.  Also, the CPU Profiler now supports inline functions for Java – the world’s most popular programming language.  We also added support for remote debugging/profiling to enable server and embedded customers.  For further details, see the AMD Code XL blog here

A great source for the latest information can be found at AMD developer central where you will find resources including the latest AMD tools, documentation and community forums to help you create your Heterogeneous Computing solutions.  As always, we love hearing from you to help us keep improving!

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For best results with APP SDK 2.9, we recommend you update to AMD Catalyst 13.11 beta drivers or newer.

Update Feb. 24, 2014 : The Media SDK has since moved out of Beta (at the time of this posting) into GA and the Unified Installer referenced links above have been updated to point to the v1.0 GA version. To stay up to date on future tools and releases, please join us on the Developer Forum, subscribe to our hcNewsflash newsletter for developers or follow us on Twitter.

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