Preview AMD Developer tools and SDK and receive “Friends of AMD” pricing at APU13

Hi everyone, the AMD Developer Summit is just around the corner on November 11-13 at the San Jose Convention Center and we’re planning to release new versions of our developer tools and SDKs during the event.  I’d like to offer you an opportunity to earn discounted pricing for the event if you’re willing to provide us some feedback by previewing AMD’s product releases and filling out a short survey.  To qualify, simply download AMD’s APP SDK 2.9 and the latest AMD Code XL tools suite (version 1.3) and fill out our survey.  This is a great way to get an early glimpse at what’s new in our tools, provide us with valuable feedback, and get access to the developer resources that we’re offering at the conference.  We really appreciate your feedback to help us keep improving HC development for everyone.

For the preview, we’re releasing a new APP SDK and a new CodeXL tool suite (version 1.3).  These tools provide a substantial step forward in productivity and ease of use for developers wishing to harness the full power of modern heterogeneous platforms spanning from servers to PCs to handheld devices.   Here’s the scoop on what’s in the preview:

  • AMD APP SDK 2.9:  For this release, we’ve added samples for open source libraries to make it simple to add acceleration to your application.  These include Bolt, OpenCV and OpenNI.  We’ve also added support for CMake and improved OpenCL™ source editing in visual studio.
  • AMD CodeXL 1.3:  To further our effort to provide a comprehensive integrated tool suite, we’ve now incorporated static kernel analysis capabilities into CodeXL with a new and improved user experience.  Also, the CPU Profiler now supports inline functions for Java – the world’s most popular programming language.  We also added support for remote debugging/profiling to enable server and embedded customers.

A great source for the latest information can be found at AMD developer central where you will find resources including the latest AMD tools, documentation and community forums to help you create your Heterogeneous Computing solutions.  As always, we love hearing from you to help us keep improving!

UPDATE – The new releases are here. Check out my latest blog post for the full scoop! 


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*For best results with APP SDK 2.9, we recommend you update to AMD Catalyst 13.11 beta drivers or newer.

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