Introducing AMD CodeXL: Developer Tool Suite for Heterogeneous Compute (Beta Now Available)


by Milind Kukanur, Sr. Manager, Product Management 

At the AMD Developer Summit (AFDS) this summer, we discussed new developments around heterogeneous computing and showcased a powerful and growing developer ecosystem for the same. Clearly there is an increasing need to make software development simpler, easier and faster on heterogeneous computing platforms. A big part of this is to ensure the right set of tools available to developers to help drive their productivity. Until today, however, the industry has lacked a comprehensive set of heterogeneous compute tools that promote open standards.

Today, we’re changing that with the first public beta of AMD CodeXL – now available for download. For those who missed our sneak preview at AFDS, AMD CodeXL is a new unified developer tool suite that is designed to improve developer productivity by enabling them to quickly and easily identify performance issues and programming errors in their applications, without requiring source code modifications. The first version includes a GPU debugger, CPU and GPU profilers and a static GPU performance analyzer – all of this is available as a Visual Studio™ plugin and as standalone application on Windows® and Linux®.

Since our initial preview in June, we have been working closely with our developer partners and ISVs to run AMD CodeXL through its paces, and have incorporated their feedback from hours-upon-hours of testing into the latest public beta version. Between now and the final 1.0 release, we will be updating AMD CodeXL based on your feedback. The current beta version supports a limited set of Windows and Linux targets, but the subsequent versions in the coming weeks will add support for other OS platforms.

Key highlights of AMD CodeXL beta include:

  • GPU Debugger – provides a comprehensive debugging on AMD APUs/GPUs with OpenCL™, OpenGL API calls and OpenCL™ kernels. It allows you to step through real-time OpenCL kernels from API calls, put breakpoints and debug inside the kernel, view all variable values and track API call histories – all on a single computer with a single GPU.
  • CPU Profiler – a profiling suite that helps you to identify, investigate and tune application performance on AMD CPUs. It finds time critical hotspots in your code precisely with time-based, event-based and instruction-based sampling, and also allows you to narrow profiling to single process and capture profiling data for OpenCL codes running on the CPU. In addition, call graph profiling provides a butterfly view of your function calls with the trace history.
  • GPU Profiler  – a complete GPU profiler that you can use to discover bottlenecks in your OpenCL  and DirectCompute applications, and find ways to improve performance on AMD APUs/GPUs.  It collects and visualizes GPU counter data, application trace, kernel occupancy and hotspot analysis, with comprehensive timeline and summary views of host, kernel and data transfers in between.
  • Static Analyzer – a handy utility to analyze your OpenCL application statically, without having to run on the actual hardware. It enables you to compile, analyze and disassemble your OpenCL code, estimate accurate performance of kernels and view disassembly of the generated hardware kernel.

A short demo of AMD CodeXL, showcased at AFDS Experience Zone, is available on YouTube.

We believe AMD CodeXL is a key stepping stone to developing truly powerful heterogeneous compute applications that harness AMD’s platform innovations. Developers are enabled to quickly and easily debug, profile, and analyze their applications and achieve maximum performance on AMD APUs, GPUs and CPUs. In the near future we plan to add support for heterogeneous system architecture (HSA) as it is a key part of our commitment to provide complete HSA solutions.

Delivering a high quality tool that becomes indispensable and a core part of your development is always important to us. And your usage feedback and suggestions throughout the beta program will be of great help.

With that, I invite you to partake in the public beta of our new tool suite. Be sure to register at the AMD CodeXL forum and provide your feedback. Look forward to some exciting announcements on AMD CodeXL shortly.

Milind Kukanur is a Sr. Manager, Product Management at AMD. His postings are his own opinions and may not represent AMD’s positions, strategies or opinions. Links to third party sites, and references to third party trademarks, are provided for convenience and illustrative purposes only.  Unless explicitly stated, AMD is not responsible for the contents of such links, and no third party endorsement of AMD or any of its products is implied.

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  1. oscar

    “exciting announcements on AMD CodeXL shortly”
    hope it’s both:
    *C++ AMP GPU debugging plugin
    *OpenGL shaders debugger (Nvidia has it)
    *HSA support before end of year