GCC 4.7 is available with support for AMD Opteron™ 6200 series and AMD FX series processors


Have you tried the new GCC release 4.7 yet?

The recent GCC release helps improve support for AMD Opteron™ 6200 series and AMD FX series processors, and adds support for upcoming AMD processors with the “Piledriver” core.  This is an important release for the developer community and brings significant performance improvements, new features and infrastructure enhancements over the previous versions.  A preview of the key highlights includes:

  • Performance improvements  in the compiler option for maximum optimization level (-Ofast)
  • ISA support including FMA3, F16C, TBM and BMI instruction sets (-m[no-]fma, -m[no-]f16c, -m[no-]tbm, -m[no-]bmi)
  • Improved robustness, scalability, memory usage on link-time optimization (-flto).
  • Support for OpenMP 3.1 (-fopenmp)
  • Option to store local arrays on stack memory for FORTRAN (-fstack-arrays).
  • Addition of C++ 11 (-std=c++11)

GCC now has optimized performance settings and compile flags for the AMD processors. These include:

  • AMD processors with “Piledriver” core (options: -march=bdver2 and -mtune=bdver2)
  • AMD Opteron™ and AMD FX series processors with “Bulldozer” processor core (options: -march=bdver1 and -mtune=bdver1) and
  • AMD processors with “Bobcat” core (options: -march=btver1 and -mtune=btver1).

For a list of compiler options to use with AMD processors, check out our compiler quick reference guide.

Overall, GCC 4.7 runtime performance is designed to be faster than previous versions including GCC 4.6 or default versions that come with commercial Linux distributions (e.g. RHEL or SLES), such as GCC 4.4.6. If your application is sensitive to runtime performance then you might consider getting the latest version of GCC. Check out gcc.gnu.org to learn about the new updates and upgrade your compiler to the latest version.

GCC 4.7 release notes can be found here.

By the way, did I mention GNU Compiler Collection turned 25 this year… Happy anniversary GCC!

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5 Responses

  1. Digitalus

    Awesome! Just bought one of those FX CPUs a week ago and can’t wait untill GVentoo GNU/Linux gets the new GCC 4.7 .

  2. Brane2

    I did.

    I still have many compilation problems. Some from new, stricter rules, some from bugs in compiler and especially lto module.

    Fortunately, Gentoo has provision for setting CFLAGS,CXXFLAGS,LDFLAGS etc per package.

  3. crshbndct

    I am lookng forward to Piledriver CPU’s coming out and just learning how to compile things now. I have an FX-4170 at the moment, so I am going to try this out on kernel 3.4 when it comes out of testing and see what if any improvements there are.