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I recently had a different sort of meeting.  I was on the receiving end of an interview by Jeff Squyres and Brock Palen of RCE (   Brock has been chiming in on the ACML forum and Jeff is one of the OpenMPI contributors, so I was happy to return the many favors they’ve done for me over the years (whether they knew or not) by answering questions about ACML for their podcast show.

InsideHPC is one of my regular web stops, and that page picks up on the great articles that Brock and Jeff produce, so I was familiar with their RCE podcast series.  They cover development libraries such SciPy, CMake, and Trilinos, large machines such as the K machine, events such as SuperComputing, and many other current topics in the HPC world.

The format was an informal question and answer session, and the guys did a great job prompting me with topics.  Hopefully it will prove useful for their audience.  Take a listen and let us know if you have any other questions about ACML that I can answer for you.

Chip Freitag

Chip Freitag is a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at Advanced Micro Devices, where he currently works as technical lead in the Math Libraries group. He started at AMD in 1993, and has worked as a technical marketing engineer on the 29K RISC processor and Embedded x86 products, with an emphasis on networking and telecommunications market segments. Before AMD, Chip was with KMW/Andrew corporation for 10 years where he worked on Z80 and 68000 based protocol converter and printer emulation products, including a line of Apple/IBM connectivity products. Chip earned a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics from the University of Texas at Austin in 1983 and is happy to finally use all of those Fortran books in his current library work. Chip is an Army brat, is married, and has one daughter. For the past three and a half years, he has forsaken all other forms of existence to complete work on an airplane.

Chip Freitag’s postings are his own opinions and may not represent AMD’s positions, strategies or opinions. Links to third party sites and references to third party trademarks are provided for convenience and illustrative purposes only. Unless explicitly stated, AMD is not responsible for the contents of such links, and no third party endorsement of AMD or any of its products is implied.

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