We call this technology experience a "Summit," and not a conference or event because we aim to make it the leading, most inclusive, and collaborative event for technology professionals working in the realm of heterogeneous computing. It’s a premier opportunity to discuss, debate, and immerse yourself in the latest tools, techniques, and advancements in Heterogeneous Systems Architecture, OpenCL™, C++AMP, OpenGL, and APUs.
APU13 is about discovering best practices and the most elegant, efficient solutions to your development challenges. We want to help you advance your technical skills, make it easy for you to learn new ones, and expose you to new possibilities made possible by this technology.
Learn. Plan. Collaborate.
  • Get intensive training: Boost your knowledge during more than 150 detailed sessions covering heterogeneous computing, Web technologies, gaming, multimedia processing, programming languages, and more. Get tips and techniques to help optimize your developments and make you an invaluable asset to your company.
  • See the future: Learn firsthand where the industry is taking heterogeneous computing so you can better chart your own course, help minimize risk, and seize new potential opportunities. Participate in inspiring, informative keynotes led by experts from AMD, ARM, DICE/Electronic Arts, Imagination Technology, MediaTek, Oracle, Sony and Unity. The keynotes are candid discussions filled with information about breakthroughs, roadmaps, and concepts which help you better design your plans and get to market sooner.
  • Make connections: The best in the industry converge here, so you can build the relationships you need to help advance your developments, your company, and your career. Join an expected 1,000 participants from AMD, top technology companies, academia, and the investment community in candid conversations that can lead to your next market-changing innovation.

Who Should Attend?
APU13 content is roughly divided between intensive, how-to technical sessions and higher-level, planning oriented material. Chances are you’ll want to partake in a bit of both, while focusing on the tracks that best relate to your area of focus.
  • Developers: APU13 will help build your skills with tips, techniques, and best practices you can use immediately. Plus, you’ll also be better positioned to understand the latest advances and trends in heterogeneous computing that will enable you to take your work to the next level.
  • Technology Managers: Come to APU13 to better understand why the industry is adopting heterogeneous computing, and how those plans can impact your teams and developments. To stay ahead, stay competitive, and lead the market, this is where you start.
  • Academia: The Heterogeneous Systems Architecture is seeing strong adoption where computing demands are most intense. You’ll learn more about advancements in programming models, security, high performance computing, and more. APU13 can give you insight into how the technology can help you tackle your most demanding research and scientific challenges.
  • Investors: Market-changing ideas are presented at APU13; this is your opportunity to meet the developers and technology managers behind forthcoming innovations. Looking for a start-up that will transform the marketplace? Need to know how established firms are placing their bets? Come to APU13 and discover how you could invest.

Praise for last year’s Summit

"Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) . . . really brought it with three days of keynotes, breakout sessions and hands-on labs – all designed to help codederos make the most of its evolving technology."
John K. Waters, ADT Magazine
"The ADFS was a tremendous success, possibly the best event AMD has done."
Jon Peddie, Jon Peddie Research
"Wrapping up the last keynote and the first AMD Fusion Dev Summit. It was a much better show than I expected, great job AMD guys! #fusion11"
@ryanshrout, PC Perspective