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If you want faster apps, you’ll want to use heterogeneous computing technologies. We’re here to make that happen with plenty of tools and resources. And if you’re thinking about architecture, HSA is going to rock your world.

Introducing DOPP SDK

Need to grab and modify the OS desktop image, or perform display output post-processing of any kind? Learn how AMD makes it simpler and faster, and get the new DOPP SDK here.

Node.js Webinar

See what other developers learned about the basics of building lean and mean network applications using this platform known for its speed and scalability in the Node.js webinar replay here.

Compiler Options Quick Reference Guide

Check out a quick cheat-sheet of the command line switches you can use to optimize your code for AMD hardware using any of several compilers. Download the guide here.

Download GPU PerfStudio V3.0

The latest version of this performance analysis and debugging tool from AMD includes support for LINUX and OpenGL 4.3 games and more. Download GPU PerfStudio here.

Videos about New Tools & Technologies

The Heterogeneous System Architecture: It's (Not) All About The GPU

The use of GPUs in computation intensive tasks has had an ever increasing impact across all platforms. At the same time, GPUs have several properties that make it a challenge to unlock their full benefit in many real-world applications. The HSA was created to address many of these current shortcomings while providing a great update for already established software models. Learn more in this GPGPU7 keynote by Paul Blinzer, chairperson of the System Architecture Workgroup of the HSA Foundation.

Conference, Webinar and Event Presentations

Want to take another look at an interesting conference presentation? Missed an event you hoped to see? Browse our collection of technical presentations from developer conferences, industry events and Webinars around the world covering a wide variety of heterogeneous computing topics such as Mantle, C++, rendering, shaders, game development, Java, graphics, libraries, OpenCL™ and much more.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About HSA*

What is Heterogeneous System Architecture? Why does it matter? In this whitepaper, Insight 64 Research Fellow Nathan Brookwood explains why, even if HSA doesn’t entirely change your life, it will change the way you use your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone and the cloud.

hUMA - the Next Big Thing in Processors

The HSA Foundation has released a new multicore architecture specification called hUMA or heterogeneous uniform memory access. hUMA allows CPUs and GPUs to share the same memory in a heterogeneous system architecture (HSA). hUMA makes it easier for developers to create apps that use the individual powers of CPUs and GPUS and is compatible with mainstream programming languages like Python, C++ & Java. You'll soon be able to see hUMA in action in AMD’s Kaveri processors.

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    Hi, after modifying a number of variable declarations fromdouble to single precision in a (working) .cl file, I now have a systematic segmentation fault at the clBuildProgram call.
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